To the parents of our residents:

We want you to know that at Rexburg Housing we take very seriously our responsibility to provide clean, functional, protective places for your sons and daughters to live during the precious years they spend at BYU-Idaho. We agree with the BYUI Student Housing Office that in the critical and formative college years, students spend more hours within the walls of their apartment homes than anywhere else, including on campus itself. Friendships are made, habits are formed, lessons are learned, and spiritual growth is attained in each unit at each of our properties, every semester.

We value every individual resident, and we’re committed to doing the utmost to ensure that our residents live responsibly in well-maintained, attractive housing. Our units are close to campus and our students belong to some of the most outstanding wards in Rexburg.

We truly want your son or daughter to have a positive, life-changing experience at BYU-Idaho, and we know that the time spent at a Rexburg Housing property can be a key to achieving that goal. Thank you for your vote of confidence in entrusting your loved one to live with us. We are confident you’ll be very glad you did.


Any currently approved BYU-Idaho student, whether on-track or off-track. You must have attended

classes full time for your first admitted track. Non-students cannot live in approved housing.

Part of the total experience at BYU-Idaho is the opportunity to live with roommates. This can be

extremely rewarding; it can also sometimes present challenges. The ability to learn to work together and

to treat your roommates in a Christlike manner to make your apartment become a mini-Zion will

be one of the greatest learning experiences during the time you spend in Rexburg. The Housing Office at

BYU-Idaho has extensive resources dedicated to Student Living, helping students learn how to treat each

other and deal with problems which sometimes arise.

 Pots and pans, utensils, dishes, cooking supplies

 Small kitchen appliances – waffle maker, griddle, blender, etc.

 Dishcloth, kitchen towel

 Bathroom towel, toiletries

 Kitchen garbage can, liners (1 per apartment, as needed)

 Standard twin bedding and pillow

Mattress Cover (Mandatory, per BYU-Idaho)

 Shower curtain

 Toilet plunger

 Iron & ironing board (if needed)

 School supplies

 Laundry supplies (including a laundry hamper/basket)

 Shower curtain

 Personal items

 Cleaning supplies – shower cleaner, scrub brush, cleanser, dish soap, etc.

Access your account at or pay over the phone by calling 208-356- 6664
All of our mattresses are a standard twin size.

Yes, with pushpins, small nails or similar small-diameter implements for hanging things temporarily. We

want you to make your apartment your home.

Check-in dates are set by the university and correspond to the first day of your contract.

Yes, each of our properties has storage options available. You can store up to 4 boxes or totes on the